We are sorry but thegoodsteward.com has been taken down because of a lack of support

site snapshot

Wall Watchers started out as an idea in the early 1990's and launched thegoodsteward.com as its first website. It was an educational website aimed at providing practical and useful information on biblical stewardship principles to the Christian community.

For the moment thegoodsteward.com has been taken down because of a lack of support. Lord willing, we hope to have an opportunity for a robust library of articles on various topics. You have been taken to Wall Watchers' main site: MinistryWatch.com. For now, you can view some articles here.

Wall Watchers believe that there is a great need throughout the Christian community for re-introducing the biblical conception of stewardship back into the lives of believers. Wall Watchers has the potential of meeting vital needs, but it is not being funded as it should. Your financial support will be used as a type of multiplier effect by providing confidence in the charitable sector.

Improving donor representation and empowering donors can ignite a renewed interest in giving. It would also cause current giving to be targeted more effectively and strategically.

If you appreciate what Wall Watchers is striving to do and would like to contribute to seeing this vision become a reality, you can click on the Network for Good or PayPal icon to give an online donation, or use the contact details to send a check made out to Wall Watchers.

Thank you for your interest to pass on wisdom, understanding and discernment to others.

"Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary." (Gal. 6:9, NASB)