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Celebrate Veterans Day by Supporting a Ministrypdf

There are a couple formal designations in November to honor veterans and their families. This time set aside is appropriate given the numerous sacrifices made by the personnel that make up the United States Armed Forces and their families. One by product of their sacrifices is the freedom for charities to minister and donors privilege in giving in the United States?

Don?t Give To A Charity Based Solely On Its Namepdf

Do people make financial gifts based solely on the name of a charity? Some people ? unfortunately ? do, because giving is often as much an emotional reaction as an intellectual decision.

Grassley?s Requests of Televangelists are Well-Foundedpdf

When Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) recently requested that numerous high-profile televangelists disclose financial information to the Senate Finance Committee by early December, his call precipitated debate among Christian church and ministry leaders concerned about overreaching government. It shouldn?t have?

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